Blog Archive: March 2011

Blog Archive: March 2011

Do Asian Americans Yelp Like Crazy?

Hyphen writers Victoria Yue and Mic Nguyen take a look at the disproportionate number of Asian Americans on Yelp as compared to the general population. Based in Chicago, Victoria is addicted to random personal anecdotes and Red Mango’s discontinued Tangonium yogurt. Michael lives and writes in Brooklyn, and is championing a new food pyramid in which every step is pizza.

It was curiously fun, and now they’re both hungry.

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J-Gators, a collaboration of students at the University of Florida, is raising funds for earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan with 100 percent of profits from t-shirt sales going to the Hope for Japan Relief Fund. Their goal is to raise at least $5000 within a flexible deadline (the next 2-3 weeks).