Stop the Deportation of DREAMer Manolo and His Family

March 30, 2011

With the stalling of the DREAM Act -- a bill that would grant permanent resident status to qualified undocumented students who arrived in the US as minors -- news of deportations now carry a heightened sense of urgency.

Most recently, Venezuelan-born, US college graduate Manolo Lem faces deportation along with his parents -- restaurant owners in Shelbyville, TN -- who are originally from China. Manolo has been in the United States since the age of 2 and his brother Vincent is an American citizen.

Due to the family's moves between China, Venezuela, and the United States, they face a particularly distressing deportation: Manolo will have to return to South America, his parent Bing and Lin to China, and his brother Vincent will remain in the US.

With the deportation date possibly set for as early as tomorrow, March 31, please visit the links below to see what you can do for Manolo and his family.

1.      Sign this petition:

2.      Email a link to this petition to 5 friends:

3.      Tweet about it: Keep DREAMer Manolo and his family together. Stop their deportation: #FamilyUnity #uwd

4.      Join the facebook group:

5.      Change your facebook status to: Keep DREAMer Manolo and his family together. Stop their deportation:

Immigration reform organiztion America's Voice also offers help with sending a fax to the Department of Homeland Security and ICE.


Sylvie Kim

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