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'Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior': We'll See

Much as I hated having to read the entire smug business that is Amy Chua's book-promoting article, there was no way around it.

And much as I hate giving the writer more press, it's not an option to say nothing as, dangerously, she proselytizes to others her "Chinese mothering" strategies. Her piece opens like this:

72-Hour Hold: Part 2

I am given two sets of light blue pajamas, cotton pants and short-sleeve shirt with snap buttons, and except for the Marin General Hospital printed on the pocket, they’re not unattractive, functional and even comfortable. People wear them, together or mixed with other tops and bottoms, during the day too -- but I am strict with myself not to; they make you look like you belong here.


Resource Guide

Hello, reader. The below is a work-in-progress: starter dough and nothing like a full list. But hopefully this opening gambit will inspire those with further information to add their knowledge to the resource list here. Ideally, this guide will eventually become a nationwide compendium of local mental-health resources -- personal-shopped for second-generation Asian Americans.

Ask a Model Minority Suicide: Hello

I don’t claim to be dead. But I do feel a bit Ghost of Christmas Future, cropping up to show you your options -- because if you’re the person I’m trying to reach, then this future is an afterlife you don’t believe exists.

Not so many years ago, I spent a few long seconds on a railing of the Golden Gate Bridge, then a few long days in mandatory hold at the county hospital.