Laurel Fujii


Laurel Fujii is a yonsei activist and writer born and raised in the East Bay. She is the program coordinator for the People's Kitchen Collective, an organization that calls people to action through creative, large-scale community meals. Laurel strives to maintain intergenerational spaces for communities of color and has been working in educational non-profits since graduating from UC Santa Cruz in 2013. She currently splits her time between Hack the Hood, a non-profit that offers tech and coding programs to low-income youth of color, and the People's Kitchen Collective, both based in Oakland. Please visit for upcoming events and information. 

Dining in the Japanese Internment Camps

A new diet and dining habits that ruptured the Japanese American family and culture during WWII

As a fourth generation Japanese American and Californian, most of my older maternal and paternal family members were incarcerated during WWII. This year the 76th anniversary of Executive Order 9066, which called for the removal of people of Japanese ancestry from the West coast, falls on President’s Day.