Leah Silvieus

Books Editor
Leah Silvieus

Books Editor Leah Silvieus is a poet, writer and yacht chief stewardess who writes and works between Florida and New York. She is the author of Anemochory (Hyacinth Girl Press) and has a second chapbook forthcoming from Bull City Press in 2018. She is a Kundiman Fellow and holds an MFA from the University of Miami. 

“My Body a Stone Constantly Changing”

Poet Tiana Nobile on Adoption and Uncovering Submerged Narratives through Erasure

This year marks the 20th birthday of Seeds from a Silent Tree, the first anthology by Korean American adoptee poets, which was published in 1997. Within a decade of its release, poetry collections written by Korean adoptees emerged, including Lee Herrick’s This Many Miles from Desire, Sun Yung Shin’s Skirt Full of Black and Jennifer Kwon Dobbs’ Paper Pavilion in 2007.

"There is No Bright Word for Leaving": E.J. Koh's A Lesser Love

“Even if I shame myself, / please be kind to me,” E.J. Koh entreats an unidentified listener in “Showtime,” the opening poem of her poetry collection, A Lesser Love, winner of the Pleiades Press Editors Prize for Poetry. The speaker’s vulnerability in these poems often draws the reader into the position of intimate witness, even confessor, as she addresses a series of “yous” who are at turns parents, ghosts, and lovers, and who sometimes remain unidentified.

A Politics of Care: Asian American Literary Review’s Special Issue on Mental Health

Open in Case of Emergency

“Dear Elia, Sometimes I think of killing myself,” writes guest editor Mimi Khúc in a letter to her daughter, which serves as a note of introduction to Asian American Literary Review’s (AALR) mental health issue entitled Open in Case of Emergency.