Action Packed

Hyphens First Sex Survey

Writer Claire Light Artist Cielo Oreste

This summer Hyphen polled 261 mostly Asian Americans on the Internet about their sex lives. Ranging in age from 18–58, and almost perfectly divided between men and women, our respondents were mostly unmarried (81%), mostly sexually active (73%), and devastatingly honest.

We found out that they usually love their ethnicity, sometimes blame America’s racial landscape when they don’t get any action, and are very discriminating about whom they sleep with. This, in a nutshell, is how Asian America gets down...

Sae What?

lu-Mien pride on a T-shirt.

SaeWhat? Clothing was developed by Tramel Woodard to put Iu-Mien youth in America back in touch with their culture. The Iu-Mien are an Asian people unfamiliar even to most Asians. Originally belonging to tribes that live in the mountains of China, this nomadic race spread to Laos, Burma and elsewhere. After the Communists took over Laos in 1975, Iu-Mien in that country were forced to flee; some landed in the United States.

Mix 'N Match

Real Kidz multiracial dolls.

“Hi my name is Remsen! My mom is Asian and my dad is African American. My parents are from two different ethnic backgrounds. They created me out of love and I am a perfect mixture of both!” Remsen is one of six bi-racial, delightfully plush playthings created by doll designer Courtney Helm. Inspired by the birth of her nephew Cameron and a dearth of dolls that reflected his background, this unique line of dolls is garnering a significant amount of media attention, from NPR to a spot on VH1's In Race We Lust.

Stallion Envy

Strap on Victoria Howe's pretty harnesses.

Ladies! Wanna turn your slot A into a tab B? Victoria Howe's Stallion brand harnesses are custom-made to hold your dildo in place with style. Howe, a Seattle-based sex worker, honed her seamstress skills purveying self-made clothing and working for a messenger bag company.

So when she needed her own strap-on harness she just made it herself. They were so fun to create, Howe decided to market them to co-workers and stores. Unlike its competitors, Stallion harnesses D-rings (which hold the dildos) can be unsnapped and traded out, so the harnesses will work with any size dildo.

Sweet Beauty

Jin Patisserie ships gourmet goodness.

We all need a little beauty in our lives. Fortunately for us, there are several little beauties in each box of chocolates from Jin Patisserie. Co-owner Kristy Choo hand-dips, hand-paints, and infuses her chocolates with flavors from around the world, such as Lychee, Earl Grey Feuilletine, and Mango Kalamansi.