Sravya Tadepalli

Sravya Tadepalli

Sravya Tadepalli is an Oregon-based writer whose work includes an investigation of suicide prevention education and essays about the intersection of race and language. Her writing has been featured in Arlington Magazine, Teaching Tolerance, the Portland Tribune, the Salem Statesman-Journal, Oregon Humanities and the textbook America Now. Her full-length play, Swapna, premiered at EnActe Arts in September 2020. Sravya is also a 2018 Harry S. Truman Scholar.

The Mental Health of Asian American Students

Perspectives on a Diverse Crisis
Woman looking at her own reflection

When mental health activist Shivani Nishar was in middle school, she began experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety. Growing up in what she describes as the “white suburban fairytale” of Palo Alto, California, Nishar, whose parents immigrated to the United States from India, found it difficult to fit in.

“I didn’t have a lot of people who looked like me or had parents like me, and that contributed to me feeling like I didn’t belong,” said Nishar.