Grumpy Girl Gets Even

Keep your car clean with a cuter pooper scooper.

February 28, 2007

"Everything is cute until it poops" says Allison Takeshita of Grumpy Girl, maker of the Auto Bird Turd Emergency Kit. A self-defined "lazy car-owner" Takeshita had enough of the "unwanted natural decoration" ruining her already dirty car. A former accountant, and no stranger to problem solving, she devised a solution that would cut the crap without the hassle of washing her entire car.

The Auto Bird Turd Emergency Kit is housed in a portable red case and holds an arsenal of cleaning weapons. It's also really, really cute. The kit includes everything from plastic baggies for trash disposal to antibacterial wipes to "restore that fresh and clean feeling" you had before your car was violated by winged bombardiers. This might not include a 3-week supply of hard tack and powdered water, but it offers something just as valuable: a turd-less car. Get grumpy and get even at

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