“...i scream bars for the children...” (self-released)

August 1, 2007

Hardcore and political, Bambu’s "...i scream bars for the children..." is a 21-track salute to anyone who’s ever felt the desire to organize against their oppressors. Though he continues to deliver the thoughtful social commentary he gained acclaim for as a member of the Native Guns, this follow-up to 2002’s Self Untitled also finds the emcee at his most introspective. He reflects on mistakes made as a misguided youth on “Life in Rewind.” On “Truth Serum” and “The Morning After,” he raps about lost and new found love. “Home Cooked” is an ode to the Philippines spit over a Filipino oldies sample. While the album pays homage to his Filipino culture, it is by no means exclusive to Pinoys. Instead, Bambu searches for solidarity with those who share the same struggle (“Guerra”). The album is packed with militant, fuck-the-system anthems (“Chairman Mao,” “Pull it Back,” “Fuck Yeah”) and powerhouse production provided by some of indie hip-hop’s finest. Wrap the bandana across your face, pick your favorite weapon and play this as the soundtrack to the revolution. —Zoneil Maharaj

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