Teardrop Sweetheart

August 1, 2007



It's easy to mistake Misha's Teardrop Sweetheart for mere summertime fare, the kind of sugary pop that's perfect for sustaining that Vitamin D euphoria. But you quickly realize the lighthearted beats are meant to stave off something melancholy (June gloom, perhaps?). Either way, this cute, well-styled New York-based indie duo, Ashley Yao and John Chao, have made a catchy soundtrack for summer romance and/or heartbreak. Described by the band as "sad happy," the album features Chao's pleading, whispery vocals over simple electronic beats that sound like Hot Chip in a food coma. "Weatherbees" and "Summersend" are gems, and the latter leaves you wondering why Yao's voice isn't utilized more. For some, the word "love" might pop up one too many times. But on "Delovedly," after Chao croons, "I've been singin' 'bout love/and I think it's alright," you figure, why the hell not. -Christine Vilar

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