Stuff to Take Home

August 1, 2007


Cassette Belt Buckles

If you're the sort of person who wears your heart on your sleeve, why not wear your music on your belt buckle? That's exactly what casette-o-phile Chandra Sveet did with her copy of "Eye of the Tiger." After being mobbed with "oohs" and "ahhs" from admiring music junkies, Sveet began to put her tapes-from Vanilla Ice to New Kids On the Block-to good use by transforming them into accessories. With over 250 tapes in her collection, you can find a growing assortment of clear, colored, blank and bold buckles to take your wardrobe back to the future. Wear your favorite tunes at www.honorable-mention.com



Jewelry for the Clumsy Fashionista

Former Tiffany jewelry designer Anna Chan transforms your bathmat into the stuff of luxury. IMOOI's latest collection is made of gleaming steel with inlays of vibrant rubber. The brightly colored material may look like enamel, but it doesn't crack or chip and it's 100 percent waterproof. It's perfect for those who are devastatingly stylish-and clumsy. To create her intricate designs, Chan pours liquid rubber into custom molds and bakes it until it sets. Her designs range from colorful flora and fauna to retro op art patterns. If its a conversation piece your after, slip on IMOOI and let your jewelry do the talking. Snap up designs for men and women at www.imooi.com



Accessories with a Vintage Twist

The first article of clothing Ellen lkemoto ever designed was a faux fur jacket for her Barbie. Her parents would have been thrilled had they not discovered that Barbie's new duds were cut from the trim of her father's leather bomber jacket. But as much as she loved faux fur, the budding designer's real inspiration was seeing her mother's wedding kimono once a year for the Obon festival, lkemoto was too little to wear the gown, but she always loved the colorful sashes and cords. In 2003, lkemoto took her creations online with jewelry, handbags and scarves inspired by the patterns of her childhood. Stock up on vintage inspired accessories at www.ellenikemotodesign.com



Vino That's All Fun and Games

Roshambo is what whippersnappers in California call the universal game of rock-paper-scissors. Since Naomi Brilliant moved to the family vineyard in Healdsburg, she's been out to prove that Roshambo isn't just a game, but her wine is. Brilliant hosts events like the largest Rock Paper Scissors Tournament in the US and the raucous Pirate Prom. Any winery that calls its Sauvignon Blanc "Obvious" has got to have a sense of humor, but how often does vino come in packages this sexy? It's all part of Brilliant's mission to "fight for fun in a winey world". Visit www.roshambowinery.com to order wines or plan your visit.


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