The Bling of Creativity

A quick guide to living a rich life.

December 1, 2008

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IN THIS ISSUE, raids a treasure of new. fulfilling experiences.

BPng. That is supposed to be the sound of light hiting gold or diamonds. Or the sound of the cooling a tech-obssesed guy may mate to his iPhone. Or the brittle holler of a girl who broke one of her new crystal-encrusted fingernails. Maybe even the sound of a couple in matching sweaters who only talk about money.

There are those who are captivated by things, and then there ate those who captivate the Hyphen world, hard currency is the living - brilliant, creative and rich with the booty of captivating stories to take home, show off or keep inside - just for you.

Start with the feel of a body meeting concrete in waves, spins and the defiance of gravity. PeiPei Yuan, or BGirl Peppa (, who has danced for Pink and Gwen Stefani, promise to show you how to rock the beat with top rocks and down in her 'Foundations of Breakin' Work shop in Los Angeles - all for less than the price of a movie and popcorn.

If you're feeling frisky, creative and hungry try taking a class from chef Jason de Guzman of SLO LO. V. ( and artist Sylviala-^ Fusing thflir love of fresh, local foods with new perspectives, their combined cooking and contemplative drawing classes can make Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet pale in comparison to the experience of a ripe persimmon, spilling over withjuice, captured both in your mouth and on paper.

And for those ready to cooouer mountains - and live to tell abijij0&try the dynamic Ralan^oH Rock Foundation (www., a Yosemltebased wild anization that nurtures the creative adventurer in all of us by pro ing eye opening trips thjat, "encourage f pie to 'unplug' from the woWd of technol for a few moments or days while plugg back into the earth." With instructors ranging from Acro-yoga specialists, archaeologists and world class rock climbers, you'll be up very good company Bling.


Photo Assistant Steven Baker Models (from left to nght) Jez Lee, Gurpreet Sinqh, Jason de Guzman & Sylvia La Stylist Jamie Lee Wong Assistant Stylist Christina Yang Makeup/Hair Mary Phu