Issue 16: Consumption - Winter 2008


Asian Americans find it hard to adapt to the idea of sustainable seafood consumption.

Jennifer Bagalawis-Simes - December 1, 2008
  • Hyphen's sensei of sensibility answers your questions about Asian culture.
  • Half the world depends on rice to survive, but to Asian Americans it's a cheap and always available.
  • In the wake of a politicized battle over garbage "property," Asian American seniors lose their right to scavenge for cans and bottles.


Sharon Mizota - December 1, 2008


Porn star Hung Lo wants to empower Asian American men.

Harry Mok - December 1, 2008
  • Aristotle Garcia takes title for top Asian American male activist.
  • Sergie Aragones can finally admit to being one of the world's best foosball players.
  • Exploring the origins of Yellow Peril lettering.


Comedians who get laughs from ethnic humor walk a fine line between funny and offensive.

Monya De - December 1, 2008