Glass Geyers… Crystal Clouds


January 1, 2008

(Touch & Go)

The recent relocation of Enon's power couple (John Schmersal and Toko Yasuda) from Brooklyn to Philly might seem like a move towards domestication. While that may or may not be true, Glass Geysers ... Crystal Clouds should hardly give fans reason to worry that Enon's music is headed to the suburbs. If anything, their latest release is more unrestrained than ever, but surprisingly more focused. The album maintains a driving, amped energy throughout. Their love of weird sounds is still obvious-chirping birds on "Collette" and thunderstorms on "Paperweights" are good examples of their expert accentuation. Yasuda's bass drives most of the record, but Schmersal's fuzzy guitar and Matt Schulz's sharp drumming hardly take a back seat. Tight vocal interplay between Schmersal and Yasuda titillates in "Mr. Ratatatatat," until the moodier "Ashish" sends us abruptly to bed. Rest easy kids, Ma and Pa might be working things out in favor of pop, but they're gonna stray-and they're gonna get freaky. In the meantime, the 36-minute Glass Geysers... gives plenty to enjoy. 

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