Issue 13: Hybrid - Winter 2007


Why do the Chinese spit so much?

Interrogasian - January 1, 2008
  • Many multiracial Asian American use the term hapa to deinfe themselves and their identity. But some Native Hawaiians say the word is being misused and part of a mass aproproation of their culture.
  • Wardrobe changes, multiple venues and drama -- the staing of cross-cultural weddings.
  • Hapa Issues Forum shuts down after leading the grassroots and political fight for the acceptance of multiracial Asian Americans.
  • Forget Amy Tan, today's books for young adults take readers far from Chinatown.


The face of hapa.

Melanie - January 1, 2008
  • Videos from Jiz Lee and Syd Blakovich feature feminist, sex-positive images of queer couples, a rarity in the adult industry.



Christopher Longoria - January 1, 2008

Food and Agriculture

We're obsessed with food, so what's up with the lack of Asian American celebrity chefs?

Neela Banerjee - January 1, 2008


We've been desensitied by more violence, but viewing mass killer Seung-Hui Cho's manifesto is still chiling.

Jason Coe - January 1, 2008


We asked graphic novelist Adrian Tomiine, the man behind the Optic Nerve series and the recently released full-length Shortcomings: What are your favorite books of all time?

Adrienne Aguirre - January 1, 2008

Editor's Note

Harry Mok - November 7, 2011


Designer and blogger Euny Jang debuts as editor in chief for Interweave Knits magazine

Eunice Lee - January 1, 2008

Media & Pop Culture

Without hotdogs and spelling, what do we have?

hyphenmagazine1 - January 1, 2008
  • We're obsessed with food, so what's up with the lack of Asian American celebrity chefs?


Leather with a tropical twist.

Sita Kuratomi Bhaumik - January 1, 2008