Rupa and the April Fishes

Extraordinary Rendition

May 1, 2008


This lusciously poetic album is like fine wine, simple and lovely on the surface, but full of complexity, intrigue and romance. And, like enjoying any fine wine-particularly wine from southern France-you have to be patient to feel this album's true effects. For someone not fluent in French, I first entered the album purely on a musical level. With accordion, cello, upright bass, acoustic guitar, and even tabla draping Rupa's earthy and mature voice, the album is grounded with an acoustic and very live sensibility. The workmanship of each musician on the album is exquisite-especially considering the album's diverse range of tempos, arrangements and global influences. The overall effect of the band's artistry only heightens the album's emotional and deeply romantic message. Through the songs, Rupa takes us around the world with her, sharing her experiences traveling through Mexico, talking with an Algerian Arab, dealing with love gone wrong, embracing love when it goes right, and even discussing her father's death. Extraordinary Rendition is honest and singularly unique. -Robin Sukhadia

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