Music Review

Invisible Cities — Houses Shine Like Teeth Noisyfrog

January 11, 2010

Known for the dreamy vocals of Sadie Contini, with the occasional leads of the equally dreamy-voiced Han Wang or Goh Nakamura, the Bay Areaborn indie pop band The Invisible Cities releases its second full-length album in five years. Band members, including Gary Wang and Tim Bulkley, now live bi-coastally, but band synergy is still strong on this release (in addition to the help of good production). Wistful enough to leave you longing for epiclength tracks, the sound isn't so psychedelic that the jolt back to reality is too harsh after each song is over. It's hard to write anything negative about a band that is so kind and catchy, as Contini is gifted with soothing vocals meant for indie pop. One wishes, however, that she would put more energy behind her vocals and enunciate a bit more. Fuzzed-out tracks such as "Carrier Pigeon" work with that style perfectly, though. Here's to hoping for more band reunions and the pleasant vortexes it creates during its live shows.

- Margaret Seeto