Editor's Note: Point and Shoot

April 12, 2010

In this issue, we cover many fascinating people. This means we got to photograph many fascinating people, for whom the average “grip ‘n’ grin” wouldn’t suffice.

For each portrait we publish with a given article, we’ve riffled through hundreds from a shoot to find the most captivating. It’s difficult to say what makes a portrait stand out in the editing process. Sometimes the teensiest expression change — a near-imperceptible eyeball shift or extra tension buried in a dimple — speaks volumes. What’s certain is that the most compelling portraits afford a glimpse into the person’s spirit. That spark of inner authenticity is challenging to impart in a split-second frame, but it’s what makes a photo powerful. So the photographer’s job, beyond portraying the subject’s outward appearance, is to coax out and capture that inner spark.

Issue 20: The Inside/Out Issue, in addressing its various subjects, certainly peels back the layers. We examine the inside, the outside and the gray areas in between. Yes, we discuss looks — see our Lazy Susan piece on Asian American drag queens; see our Film feature on Asian American actors cast as non-Asians — and we also explore spatial, cultural and emotional boundaries.

We’re thrilled to debut our Food section, which was long overdue considering how obsessed Hyphenites (and most Asians) are with all things eating-related. In this new section, we not only explore tasty things but also uncover the stories and people behind them.

And in case you haven’t visited us online recently, we’ve unveiled a kick-ass new site that features web-exclusive goodies and frequently updated blog musings. We’re saving some of the best stuff for the web. 

See you there,

Andria Lo
Director of photography

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