Web Exclusive: More of Photos from Gina Osterloh's World

April 11, 2010

Artist Gina Osterloh has been keeping the art world busy. We have an update and more images from Osterloh in an online-only companion piece to the Inside/Out Issue's Artwell feature.

In the time between our interview with her for Issue 21's Artwell, Osterloh made her curatorial debut at Monte Vista Projects in Los Angeles and took part in a group show in Manila. Her first New York show opens April 17 at the Kate Werble Gallery. Her performative photgraphs were recently given a glowing review in the Village Voice: "Pay particular attention to Gina Osterloh, who stages photos in strange artificial environments she constructs out of multicolored paper. Osterloh looks like a star."

Osterloh shared images from her Body Prop series (above) and her Copy Flat series (below). To see more, visit ginaosterloh.com

Small Group Dynamic

Wide Group Dynamic

Collapse # 2

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