Big Changes at Hyphen

Board chair explains move to 2 print editions, enhancement of online offerings.

May 14, 2011

Photo by Andria Lo

You’re going to start to see some changes at Hyphen in the next year — in both the pages of the magazine and at our website.

These are changes that I, as co-founder of Hyphen, am excited and proud to undertake. It’s a reflection of Hyphen’s commitment to innovation and adaptability. It’s also an effort to provide more timely and in-depth coverage in the formats that best support them.

To accomplish these goals, Hyphen will roll out a new website featuring expanded content. We’ll enhance the already-excellent blog and culture coverage with more news and multimedia storytelling.

The site will also keep readers in mind by making it easier to engage with the content and with each other; it’ll create opportunities for you, our readers, to take action on issues that you’re reading about on our site.

We’ll also reduce the number of print issues we publish each year to two. This will allow our staff to create content more frequently for the Web while producing under-the-radar and investigative stories about Asian America that no one else is covering. 

In 2012, the magazine, though already gorgeous, will undergo a redesign to showcase augmented text, photos and graphics. In the end, Hyphen’s print magazine is one that you’ll have to wait longer for, but it will continue to be something you’ll want to take time to read and proudly display on your coffee table.

I hope you’re as excited as I am about the narrative and community-building potential in these new developments. Please be patient with us as we make the transition, but also know that we value your feedback. If you see something you like -- or don’t like -- or if you have an idea that you’d care to share, we’d love to hear from you. Email your comments to editorial [at]

Thanks for reading Hyphen and joining us on this journey to remake Asian American journalism.

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Kudos to everyone at Hyphen for your continued efforts. You have become a notable media outlet and platform for important voices.

Your support over the years has been tremendous. 

i second the kudos. Hyphen amazes me with how much it's able to do with volunteer staff. As the media landscape is being transformed, Hyphen is not just surviving but adapting and excelling.

Appreciate the kind words, Khanh. Hyphen does fit the Asian American stereotype in one regard: We *are* a bunch of overachievers who are always looking for ways to make Hyphen bigger, badder, and bolder!