Online Exclusive: Your Future Holds More Images from Our Fortune Cookie Photo Contest

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May 14, 2012



With over 110 submissions via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, Hyphen's first-ever user-submitted Fortune Cookie USA Photo Contest was a great success! Thanks to a certain editor's gung-ho father (see photo above) and a particularly motivated and Instagram-savvy cousin-in-law, we received a wide variety of submissions portraying fortune cookies in wildly creative and beautiful ways.

The winning snapshots have been printed in Hyphen's Issue 25 (view them here!) alongside Director of Photography Andria Lo's photo essay of San Francisco's Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory, with an introduction by fortune cookie expert Jennifer 8. Lee (preview it here). But we also wanted to show off our favorites that missed out on their glossy-paged debut, so here are your runner-up winners! Thanks very much to all contributors.

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Nicole Wong

Senior Editor

Nicole Wong is a senior editor for Hyphen living in San Francisco. By day, she's a media engagement strategist at Active Voice, tackling social issues through the creative use of film.



Well C is for California and Cookie and the fortune cookie was invented in California (no joke folks, it was) so I'll have to go with @alavengood