Issue 25: Generation - Spring 2012


Undocumented Asian Students confront a lack of visibility within the larger immigration movement — and often silence within their families and communities.

Momo Chang - May 15, 2012


Discovering an interracial World War II American love story.

Rachel Schreiber - May 15, 2012
  • Catching up with our artist and activist friends from issues past.
  • Empowering Asian Pacific Islander caregivers to find viable solutions for an overlooked, neglected work force.

Online Exclusive

Go inside the Dang family's multigenerational home

Lisa Wong Macabasco - May 26, 2012


The Work of Wafaa Yasin

Michele Carlson - May 16, 2012

First Person

Two sisters, two cultures, two new chances at life.

Anabel Mariko Stenzel - May 16, 2012


Asobi Seksu’s Yuki Chikudate on growing up and getting better.

Priscilla Totiyapungprasert - May 16, 2012

Poetry and Fiction

Despite Everything, My Dancers

Ocean Vuong - May 14, 2012

Food and Agriculture

Nicole Wong - January 27, 2013


Ten next-gen Asian American writers discuss the authors who influenced them.

Abigail Licad and Cathlin Goulding - May 15, 2012

Best of the Blog

Recent highlights from Hyphen's blog

Sylvie Kim - May 15, 2012

Editor's Note

Editors' Notes

Lisa Wong Macabasco - May 9, 2012


Lisa Wong Macabasco - May 9, 2012


Comments and feedback from our readers

Hyphen Outreach - May 9, 2012


Letters to a young activist.

Dharushana Muthulingam - May 15, 2012


Two families discover that when it comes to running businesses, it’s all in the bag.

Anne Phabmixay - May 14, 2012