Issue 28: The R/Evolution Issue - Fall 2014


The real online world

Michele Carlson - February 7, 2016


  • A Walmart is constructed in Los Angeles, California despite protests from Asian American neighbors

Online Exclusive

A new San Francisco program serves Chinese seniors nutritional Chinese American favorites far from the senior center.

Lisa Wong Macabasco - August 12, 2015


The Art of Christine Sun Kim

Michele Carlson - February 5, 2016

First Person

Former Sex-columnist Has No Way of Stopping Her Cyberharraser

Zoe Yang - February 7, 2016

Poetry and Fiction

"This is How You Make Love to a Robot" and "Beam, Robot" by Margaret Rhee

Margaret Rhee - March 11, 2015


Crowdfunding sites democratize the playing field for Asian American documentary filmmakers

Noah Cho - February 7, 2016

Editor's Note

Abigail Licad - February 5, 2016