David Pajo

Pajo (Drag City)

September 1, 2005


Since forming (1985) and reforming (2005) Slint, David Pajo has quietly curated an archive of atmospheric head clouders. Currently, David Pajo plays with Tortoise, M and Dead Child—a new group that consists of Todd Cook, Michael McMahan and Tony Bailey. Pajo's new solo record scrapes up the creative crumbs. Like Tiger Balm, Pajo has a slight burn but is healing and therapeutic. As for Slint, after completing its reunion tour, the band is looking to collect any Slint memorabilia: recordings, photos, videos, the dirty dishes they ate from when they crashed on your floor. If anyone filmed or recorded a Slint show, send a copy to: Slint, c/o Touch and Go Records, PO Box 25520, Chicago, IL 60625. Visit Pajo at his blog: www.pinkhollers.com.

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