Stallion Envy

Strap on Victoria Howe's pretty harnesses.

September 1, 2005

Ladies! Wanna turn your slot A into a tab B? Victoria Howe's Stallion brand harnesses are custom-made to hold your dildo in place with style. Howe, a Seattle-based sex worker, honed her seamstress skills purveying self-made clothing and working for a messenger bag company.

So when she needed her own strap-on harness she just made it herself. They were so fun to create, Howe decided to market them to co-workers and stores. Unlike its competitors, Stallion harnesses D-rings (which hold the dildos) can be unsnapped and traded out, so the harnesses will work with any size dildo.

Additionally, the harnesses, which fit up to a 44” hip as-is, are designed to be adjusted for girthier gals. The $65 models are made of groovy pink, lavender, and silver leather or vinyl, appliquéd with stars, lightning bolts and hearts—but Howe can custom-make any size, color, or appliqué shape. —Claire Light

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