Prelude To Domestic Bliss

Kitschy-sweet aprons.

December 1, 2005

Photo: Seng Chen; Model: Melissa Hung

Have you ever had a fantasy where you would be smudged with flour, dusted with sugar, and inspire passion at the mere sight of your sweaty glow?

Kitsch’n Glam’s kitschy-sweet aprons could make you feel so super-chic in their backless glory, you could live out that fantasy. Designer Anna Michelle Wang takes retro curves for a modern spin, elevating the apron to “a prelude to domestic bliss.” Her aprons are form-fitting with flared skirts, sassy sashes and gravity-defying halter tops. In styles with saucy names like “Ivy League,” “Mochi,” and the tongue-in-cheek “Melon Patch,” Wang’s aprons invites you to bend over and throw some pre-frozen cookie dough into the oven.

One of Wang’s fans gushes, “Phil loves it when I wear the apron, high heels, and nothing else.” So, get ready to put on your Kitsch’n Glam apron and watch the Phil or Philomena in your life come running.

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