Karaoke Super Star

Man + Machine = Musical Menace.

May 1, 2006

GPX Party

Singing Machine
with stand STVG-988

5” monitor so you don’t
need a TV.

Compact and easy to store and move.

Only if everyone is
super quiet. It’s only got a 5-watt speaker.


Special Features

7” monitor. Built-in video camera that hooks up to a VCR for recording.

It’s got a stand so not easy to store or travel with.

The stand and video camera will give your party a real karaoke feel.





Can alter key to singer’s vocal range. Two 40-watt speakers.

Weighs 20 to 25 lbs, but it’s compact.

This is the real deal. It’ll match any singer’s key and it’s got 80 watts of sound.


13” color monitor. Also works as a TV. Two
built-in video games.

Weighs almost 80 lbs. Good luck lugging it around.

With tape deck to record guests, you can make great party favors. Or blackmail tapes.


Party Friendly

Singing Machine


Digital echo. Built-in speakers and amplifier.

Weighs less than
10 lbs, compact.

Doesn’t have many bells and whistles, but it’ll get the job done.


Guitar and keyboard inputs. 13-step vocal key changer. Six speakers, 180 watts.

Weighs 63 lbs, but it’s meant for moving from
gig to gig.

Not unless you want to blow your neighbors away. This is performance live karaoke.



iKTV Platinum



And for everyone who thinks that pop songs were only meant to be sung by the pop stars who released them, there’s the karaoke muzzle. Plug the muzzled microphone in, and give your favorite karaoke lover the headphones that are included. She can croon (or scream) as loud as her heart desires, and you don’t have to listen to even one off-key note.

Unfortunately, this product seems to only be available in Japan, as of yet. It’ll cost you 8,190 yen, or about $71.

Optional backup vocals. Control buttons on

Teeny—and comes in hip colors.

Yes! Four microphone hookups and backup vocals make for some real party action.


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