Hyphen Lynks: Christmas Week Edition

December 23, 2008

  • AsianWeek, that maven of the twice-told tale, also thinks that Obama will be our first Asian American president, because he eats spam musubi. Well, that's an argument Jeff Yang hadn't thought of. Nor I. Yes, I did not promise you no holiday cheer, bad fusion food, or east-meets-west human interest stories here.
  • New America Media reports that the unemployment rate among Asian Americans
    has reached 4.8 percent. While the rate among As Ams is lower than
    among whites or African Americans, the increase in recent months has
    been much higher. Which means the most recent round of economic
    collapse has impacted us more strongly than these other groups. Batten
    down the hatches, sailorettes, it doesn't get better for at least
    another year.
  • DC police left a Korean American immigrant shackled in jail for 4.5 days
    because he had the same name as a dude who knocked over a liquor store.
    He didn't speak enough English to understand the charges and no
    translator was fetched. He was finally released after speaking to a
    Korean American guard. There's definitely a law, and he might sue. Durn tootin'!
  • And last, but not least, Ylan Q. Mui publishes a terrific piece in the WaPo about how Anh
    "Joseph" Cao's recent Louisiana electoral victory, which made him the
    first Vietnamese American in Congress, arose directly out of the
    politicization of Vietnamese Americans after Katrina. There are a thousand ironies -- and counter-stereotype points -- in this article. Do check it out. And for a more detailed story about the Vietnamese American community in NOLA, check out our article on same in Issue 8, "Remodeling the Minority."

Aaaaand that's it for the holiday news o' cheer, my poultry, so
have a good week! Drink responsibly, drive safe, love like you're
wearing a full body condom, and dance like nobody's watching, cuz
nobody is, except sarcastic people.