Hyphen Lynks: Brutal Regime (Watch Out!) Edition

June 30, 2009

Fortunately, peeps are out there, finding them and calling them out:

In this equation of political
upheaval, the constants, variables, and coefficients are quickly shifting and
are becoming unpredictable.  We as Iranian Engineers and Architects are certain
that use of force radicalizes the entire equation and will make the process of
reconciliation very difficult, and if it continues, solving the equation under
these conditions will be impossible.

What they said, only, more articulate.

  • R.I.P. Commodore Ramon Alcaraz,
    veteran and anti-martial law protester in the US, who hunkered down in
    the States to oppose the Brutal Regime of Ferdinand Marcos, after
    Marcos withheld a military promotion Alcaraz thought he deserved.
  • Generalissima Lisa See brings another battalion in support of the Brutal Regime of Identity Lit. At least the title of the article gets it right: "China as a Theme Park."
  • Someone save us from the Brutal Regime of Bai Ling's rapidly wilting cleavage and endless silly movies!




Did she say that Obama was brought up in Asia? What the hell is this lady talking about? Is she making any sense to anyone listening?