Book Dragon!

April 21, 2009


This awesome Hokusai dragon was heisted here.

I always wish that Hyphen blog could do more in the way of promoting literature from our communities, but we have a lot to cover and none of us has the time to do the one topic justice (do we?)

Fortunately, we don't have to! Terry Hong at the Smithsonian Institute's Institution's Asian Pacific American program has just started Book Dragon, an APA book blog! Yay! The blog is especially cookin' because she covers basically whatever the heck she feels like. Most of it is APA, but there's some other stuff sprinkled in. Awrsome.

Plus, although the blog is new, it goes back to 2001 right now because

I'm populating this blog both
backwards and forwards – I've got lots of reviewed titles from years
back which I'm adding in slowly (clearly signs of old age, I realize!).

She can get as old as she likes! Read on, you crazy dragon.




HOLY MOLY. So maybe I'm not working in a vacuum after all! Thanks so much indeed for letting your readers know about my reading! WOW! And please keep visiting!