Asian Women Blog Carnival

April 6, 2009


Photo of Chinese typewriter from here.

I posted about this a few days ago, but this really needs its own post. The Asian Women Blog Carnival is up, and it's pretty spectacular.

Blogger ciderpress at Livejournal, inspired by a number of other antiracist blogging efforts (google "international blog against racism week," for example) decided to put together a blog carnival for Asians for Women's History Month (which was March.) A blog carnival is where someone names a topic or theme, then bloggers post on that topic or theme and submit their posts to the carnival. The "carnival" part is where all the posts on that theme are posted together, in a sort of mini-library of resources from a particular community of interest.

This one was open to any women of Asian descent and seems to be intended for an annual affair. This first year ciderpress asked for identity pieces, but also anything else anyone had to write. I contributed the linkspost for my Hyphen Women's History Month profiles, and also for a piece I wrote on my own blog about the word "hapa" and cultural appropriation. There are also posts on being Filipina in the Netherlands, being mixed-race "Indo" in the Netherlands, the history of Hmong communities in the US and why this history needs to be taught in schools, how on the internet, nobody knows you're Chinese, growing up Bengali in Malaysia, having to fight to be considered Indian when you're mixed race, why medical outreach into Asian communities is so important, etc.

I've been reading slowly through these pieces and I'm still not done. And I'm not going to link to any of them. You need to go to the carnival and peruse on your own. Here it is again. Go get 'em!