Asian Infants Go Viral

January 7, 2010

Why are the viral infant musical prodigies on YouTube always Asian? Here's the latest:

Which was posted in response to this:

Which is less fun because the kid looks like he's having no fun at all. There's also this one I posted recently:

This kid's got a whole oeuvre, that favors the Beatles in fact. Just check out his YouTube channel.

I'm having visions of stern Asian parents hanging their six-month-old infants' queues from a hook in the ceiling to keep them from falling asleep while they practice "Stairway to Heaven." But it's probably not abuse, per se. Because it's not that there are no non-Asian baby musical prodigies, it's just that the Asian ones are the most popular. Now why do you suppose that is? Can it be because having an Asian infant play pop music doubles the poodle walking on its hind legs effect? Is the child funnier or more incredible because he's Asian?

What do you think?

ETA: from comments, a tiny hip hop dancer.