Hyphen Publisher Lisa Lee Profiled!

March 29, 2010

Well! Hyphen's not the only one profiling outstanding Asian American women this month!

Our very own Lisa Lee visited the Asian American Studies Department at the University of Maryland last month, and their online magazine, Public Asian, just posted an article about her:

At the lunch discussion, Lee’s bright blue dress and energetic demeanor is a welcome spot of color against the conference room’s muted walls and neutral folding chairs. Undeterred, she launches into the discussion with a cheery, “So, how do you have a career but continue to do what you love to do?”

Ears perk. Faculty around the table reminisce about the passions they once pursued.

“My corporate job is not a miserable experience. I’m learning a lot about how to organize people and recognize talent from my day job,” Lee said. “I can integrate skills from my day job and use them to help Hyphen.”

Check it out!