Flying on the Great Wall of Oakland: Dana Leong and Project Bandaloop

September 15, 2011

Bound(less) "Triple Dress," Photo Credit: Todd Laby

If you're in Oakland this weekend (September 15-17), come on out to the Great Wall of Oakland to watch local, highly acclaimed aerial dance company Project Bandaloop soar in their 20th anniversary celebration "Bound(less)."

A key player in this project is musician and composer Dana Leong, of MILK & JADE and The Dana Leong Trio. This weekend, Dana actually scales the wall with Project Bandaloop dancers to deliver his original composition, "Dream State," commissioned specifically for "Bound(less)" and releasing at the end of this month!

Between Project Bandaloop's international reputation and Dana Leong's rising star, this very totally free show promises not to disappoint. But it also promises to stretch your boundaries, no pun intended. 

In Dana's own words, "Bound(less) supports the notion that we are all individuals within a community striving to break the boundaries our egos create in our minds." In other words, this performance seeks artistically to collapse everything we earthbound mortals assume to know about how we interact with our environments and how we find ourselves reflected in them. Dana's musical location embodies this intention, as he takes his music into the sky. He also is the very first musician to perform on the wall with the Project Bandaloop dancers. 

So, don't miss history. See you at the Great Wall. I'll be there on Friday at 8:30 pm. Don't be late.

P.S. If you need more convincing, check out Dana and Project Bandaloop at a previous performance, here! (Start watching at 1:00.)