Congratulations, Mr. Hyphen 2013

May 2, 2013

Photo credit: Intwined

Hyphen Juice in hand, fans of the Mr. Hyphen pagent gathered in San Francisco's Brava Theater to cheer on the four sexy contestants as they sang, danced, and wooed their way into the judge's hearts.

Miguel N. Abad, Niño-Pierre Galang, Tim Huey, and Sean Miura entertained the crowd with their wit, charm, and swagger, and perhaps it was the magical, potent Hyphen Juice (read: vodka), but there was most definitely a unicorn sighting.

too much swag

The evening provided plenty of laughs, powerful spoken word performances, and a chance to come together to celebrate the work of these four fantastic community organizers. Alas, though all of the finalists are absolutely fabulous, a winner had to be crowned.

In the final surprise round of the competition, Miguel, Niño, Tim, and Sean had 5 minutes to style themselves and present their outfit on stage. Sean -- dressed in a camouflage tee, sky blue jacket, and khakis with a coat hanger dangling from his pocket -- stepped up to the plate and hit a home run when he broke down his style choice for the audience: the hanger was a message for those working toward social justice and equality to "hang in there", the camo was symbolic encouragement to "fight on," and the blue jacket was to let everyone in the community know that "the sky is the limit." Boom.

And with that, L.A.'s Sean Miura was crowned Mr. Hyphen 2013 and won $1000 for his charity of choice, Tuesday Night Project -- an organization dedicated to the cultivation of the Asian American art scene in Los Angeles.  

To see photos from the 7th annual Mr. Hyphen competition, click here. And be sure to check out the other great organizations repped by Miguel (ASPIRE: Asian Students Promoting Immigrant Rights through Education), Niño (Mabuhay Health Center), and Tim (Asian Law Caucus).


Melissa Nguyen

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