Blog Archive: February 2011

Blog Archive: February 2011

The Hyphenite's Social Calendar: Family Style, Wrinkles

Wednesday February 16th through Saturday March 5th -- NYC


This new play written by Kyoung H. Park and directed by Carlos Armesto tells the story of Ju Yeon, an immigrant living in New York, who has distanced herself from her Korean roots. When a sudden crisis hits her family, she must return to Korea and face her parents and the life she abandoned long ago. More info here.

7:30 pm Thurs-Sat

3 pm Saturday

My Father’s Waterloo -- Vietnam, Napoleon and Our Family Vacation

In his new book East Eats West: Writing in Two Hemispheres from Heyday Books, New America Media editor Andrew Lam recalls teenage memories of how his father, once a South Vietnamese general, drove his family all over Belgium to find Waterloo, where his hero, Napoleon, faced defeat.

Paul Fong, Leland Yee: Shark Fins in a Soup of Cultural Controversy

It’s like clockwork. Every few years, the shark fin debate is revived anew, and by now, the narrative has become predictable: Chinese culture advocates who believe that they have the right to continue enjoying a centuries-old delicacy are pitted against conservationists who argue that shark fishing practices are cruel and environmentally unsustainable.

The Hyphenite's Social Calendar: I Heart Hamas, Dance for Freedom

Wednesday February 9th -- St. Paul

TruthTellers Kick-Off Performance

ThruthTellers is a collective of Hmong American artists, ranging from spoken word poets, musicians, comedians, and theatre artists offering a perspective into voices not well-represented in the mainstream. Catch their free kick-off performance this Wednesday. More info here.

7:30 pm

Black Dog Cafe

308 Prince St, St. Paul, MN


Food for all Senses: Kearny Street Workshop's "A Sensory Feast"

A Sensory Feast, presented by SOMArts and Kearny Street Workshop, opened on Friday, Feb 4, and I -- lured by the promise of free admission and Senor Sisig and art that also had food in it -- emerged from my bedroom. I put on clothes, gritted my teeth, and prepared to have fun.

Attempt to Abolish Birthright Citizenship Newest Expression of Anti-Immigrant Fervor in US

So SB 1070 wasn't inhumane enough. Not only should undocumented immigrants live in fear of constant deportation at a moment's notice, away from their families and children -- legislators have realized that their anti-immigrant crusade can extend specifically to children, too: Republicans Senators David Vitter of Louisiana and Rand Paul of Kentuck argue that the 14th Amendment be itself amended: they propose that birthright citizenship be abolished altogether.