Blog Archive: February 2011

Blog Archive: February 2011

Hyphen TV Special Edition: Richard Lui

Richard Lui can be seen every weekday from 10am to 11am on MSNBC’s Jansing and Company. In 2007, he became the first Chinese American male to anchor a weekday national newscast on CNN’s Headline News. Think he went to journalism school? Think his parents wish he were a doctor? Think his last name is actually Lui? Wrong on all counts!

'The Beautiful Generation: Asian Americans and the Cultural Economy of Fashion'

Critics at this year's New York Fashion Week seemed enamoured of Ralph Lauren’s less than pioneering embrace of one of fashion’s oldest tropes: Shanghai Chic. Critics eagerly dedicated valuable column inches to the collection, which featured all the mainstays of Asian-inspired fashion: jade jewelry, golden dragons, cheongsams. While some candidly wondered whether the designer’s invocation of China was a statement about the nation’s growing economic competitiveness, others were simply happy to break out as many tired euphemisms for “Eastern” as possible. (Not only did the “Orient Express” make several stops but East, inevitably, met West.)

Think Campus Racism is Old Hat? Go Back to School

A week and a half ago, Gawker pulled together a list of racism-related incidents on college campuses across the country that had occurred within days of each other. What seemed so troubling by the Gawker commenter reactions to this post was the sheer amount of reductionism going on: Schools in the South are bound to be racist. Schools in the Midwest are bound to be racist. Frat guys are bound to be racist. Frat guys aren't racist, they're just dumb. College racism is actually just stupidity and immaturity. And of course, racism happens on every campus, every day, all day. Why is this news?

Final Week of San Francisco's 'A Sensory Feast'

Photo credit: JJ Casas

Calling all San Francisco Hyphenites! A reminder that A Sensory Feast with Kearny Street Workshop and SOMArts will close this week, Feb 24 to be precise. So, if you want to see a show by local AsAm artists where you can not only look at stuff, but touch and smell stuff too, you gotta do it soon.

In the spirit of a feast for all senses final blow-out, I'll cut the chit-chat. See and decide for yourself. The following are images of the show by JJ Casas and Patrick Rafanan.