Go Forth and Be Crafty

Cool stuff delivered to your door.

February 28, 2007

Imagine getting a box filled with cd's, handmade soap, zines, buttons, jewelry, and all sorts of "friggin' sweet" stuff. No, it's not your birthday; it's the Sampler, a monthly subscription service and the brainchild of crafter Marie Kare.

Yeah its cool, but the Sampler is also an ingenious marketing and promotional tool for indie businesses trying to spread the word about their products. Kare is careful to steer clear of submissions that are plastered with logos, business names and URLs. So, for $23.00 a month, you get a selection of curated goodies delivered to your doorstep.

So what does Kare look for in the hundreds of submissions she receives? "Oooh ...I like it when contributors pay special attention to packaging" she says. But ultimately, Kare just wants everyone to go forth, be crafty, and discover cool, new things. Subscribe to the Sampler at www.homeofthesampler.com

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