Finishing the Game

August 1, 2008

Directed by Justin Lin

Asian martial arts and action flicks have become so cliched that Justin Lin's Finishing the Game is able to perfectly skewer the now-familiar genre. This mockumentary is set in the 1970s and centers on the effort to find a replacement for Bruce Lee, who died before finishing his masterpiece, Game of Death. The film follows five actors as they try out for Lee's role, and is immediately funny in the ridiculousness of the actors and casting crew. Actors Roger Fan, Sung Kang and Dustin Nguyen all give hilarious performances in this satirical comedy, though those aware of Asian stereotypes will find certain jokes funnier than others will. Lin has a flair for gently poking fun at two cultures-the movie industry and Asian American culture-both for which he has an obvious affection. This self-funded film is a great departure from movies Lin is known for, such as Better Luck Tomorrow and The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift; with Finishing the Game, Lin showcases an authentic-looking 1970s set and a sense of humor that he has only hinted at before now. The bonus features include commentary and on-set interviews with the actors, which are definitely worth a look. -Dianne de Guzman

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