Exact Change

December 1, 2008

Community Kitchen Records

While Barack Obama won the nation with his "change" mantra, Filipino American rapper/ activist Bambu proclaims real change comes from the people, not politicians. In his third full-length solo album, Evact Change, former Native Guns member Bambu continues with honest, subversive lyrics and a swagger-filled flow. As on previous projects, the Los Angelesbased emcee touches on issues that continue to oppress the community: crooked cops, hungry kids and bad schools. Unlike many political rappers, Bambu offers the social commentary not on a soapbox but in a soulful, personal manner, speaking directly to the listener with several introspective moments. "Seven Months" and "Misused" are two poignant tracks that illustrate the internal changes Bambu has made since the recent birth of his son. Contributors include: Zion I, Blue Scholars, lllmind, Nick James, Fatgums, I.D. and others, who help create a work of art that is arguably Bambu's best release to date. - Ninoy Brown