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Pee goo bumsters.

December 1, 2005

Photo: Seng Chen

If you visit lycheesgonwild.com, you’ll find young ladies baring … not quite all. (Well, you might see a naked lychee or two.) Jane Liaw founded this lychee-lovin’ Asian American clothing company two years ago so that people could publicly (and privately) display a little somethin’ cheeky about the things they love. Up for grabs are an assortment of shirts and even a Lychees Gone Wild baby bib. But our hands-down favorite is the Pee Goo underwear. (Pee goo is Mandarin for derriere.) Come on, any girl (or guy!) can use more underpants, especially sweatshop-free bumsters like these.

Get cheeky at lycheesgonwild.com.

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