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The perfect playclothes

May 1, 2006

It began in 1997 with a bag made from an old cashmere sweater. It was cute. It was comfy. It was Woo. After the success of these cuddly bags, Californian Staci Woo launched her own line of clothing. In her collections, Woo has made personalized Pima thongs and strappy cashmere camisoles. Dusted with playful polka-dots and trimmed with lace, her clothing is perfect for lazy Los Angeles days. It comes as no surprise that celebs (name-drop here) are all about Woo. Her clothing has that coveted I-look-good-without-any-effort look.

Woo has created nothing short of an empire with Underwoo, Little Woo, and now, Woo Mamma. With free wallpaper available on her website, even your computer can Woo. Available at Anthropologie and

—Sita Bhaumik

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