Thanks for Last Night

From liquid courage to condoms, this little bag's got back

May 1, 2006

Born of a stitch ‘n bitch circle, the Booty Bag covers all your basics and then some. Four crafty ladies got together and recognized the need for a different kind of emergency kit. The compact Booty Bag is the perfect solution for a dating rut, a spontaneous night out, or a calculated encounter with your obsession du jour. This kit includes a hand-sewn thong (in case you have a Bridget Jones moment), a mini flask, a tiny razor, a feminine wipe, gum, lube, two condoms, a safety pin and aspirin. For the tongue-tied, it even has a a little book full of pick-up lines and ways to ditch a dud. What more could a girl want? Besides someone to use it with… —Sita Bhaumik

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