Excellent Commentary on Anti-China Criticism

September 12, 2008

I was forwarded this blog link from a reader. It's written by a hapa male commenting on Tibet, but for me it also touches upon the wave of self righteous, anti-Chinese headlines that have appeared in the Western press for the past two years. I think he is spot on in terms of pointing out various hypocrisies, White privilege, and also the possibility of borderline xenophobia or racism.

Blog Link

An excerpt:

A land populated by a people with thousands of years of history, thriving cultures and traditions is invaded by an occupying army. Through a brutal campaign of violence against an entire people - women, children, and the elderly - millions of people die, and the land is taken and occupied. The occupying government encourages its people to take over land that was previously populated by those they killed. The occupied population dwindles and is forced onto the worst land, where they deal with poverty, alcoholism, and depression. They are forced into new schools, their culture brutally stamped-out and tarnished.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Yeah - exactly, it's how the United States was colonized.


Alvin Lin


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