Hey, Asian in an Ad! (What Does it Mean?)

July 15, 2009

So here's my quick quick question: is it 'cause they know I'm watching
this in the Bay Area, where San Francisco is one third Asian and the whole Bay is nearly
a quarter Asian? Is it just a demographics thing? Or are they targeting new
markets, undersaturated markets, like that Asian American male market
of men whose fathers wouldn't be caught dead anywhere near a shrink but
who themselves were raised in Psychobabbleland and are now approaching
Midlifecrisisland and are in one of the top-earning tax brackets in the
country? Are they just trying to be diverse? Have they checked and
found out that a significant percentage of Asian American men watch The Daily Show and they just figure some of them must be depressed? Or have they picked up on the latest Asian American stereotype: the undertreated Asian male ticking time bomb? (Okay that last one was just me.)

What do you think this is about?




whether it's on purpose or not, i'm good with it. we need more mental health outreach in our communities. so even though this does not amount to anything particularly substantive, it's still alright with me. i hope culture/language-specific help for our communities and other immigrant/refugee communities and communities of color will become more available soon.