Women's History Month Profile Roundup

April 1, 2009

Profiles in order of birth date (couldn't get a birth date on Tina Tchen, so this is my best guess):

  1. Mary Tape: Chinese American pioneer in school desegregation and visual artist.
  2. Yuri Kochiyama: Japanese American social justice activist.
  3. Sugar Pie DeSanto: Multiracial Filipino/African American blues/R&B/soul singer.
  4. Indra Nooyi: Indian American businesswoman and third most powerful woman in the world.
  5. Tina Tchen: Chinese American director of Obama's White House Council for Women and Girls.
  6. Jane Luu: Vietnamese American astronomer and discoverer of the Kuiper Belt.
  7. Anousheh Ansari: Iranian American entrepreneur and civilian astronaut and first Muslim woman in space.
  8. Emily Cross: Multiracial Korean/white(?) American foil fencer and Olympic athlete.

Also, poet and blogger Barbara Reyes responded to my request to post links to her own profiles with a linkspost listing her reviews and discussions of Asian American women writers and artists, HERE. (Check her out, she's awrsome.)

And HERE, once again, is the link to the Asian Women Blog Carnival call for submissions, which will be taking submissions of posts and online stuff until April 3. I will come back here and link to the carnival itself when it's done. ETA: and here it is! It's an amazing list of essays on all kinds of topics -- no, it's not just stuff about identity and cultural appropriation, although there's plenty of that. Check it out!

Thanks for reading!




hey claire, thanks for the link. i see now what you are saying about all of the artists we recommended.that said, here's another write-up on another artist's work: fil am writer marianne villanueva:http://bjanepr.wordpress.com/2009/03/28/reading-ginseng-and-other-tales-from-manila-by-marianne-villanueva/
Hi Claire,Check out TaiwaneseAmerican.org for great spotlights on Taiwanese American women-- most recently, Jenny Shu, a.k.a. DJ ShOOey. http://taiwaneseamerican.org/spotlightPlus--Check out Mochi Magazine, an online publication dedicated to Asian American teenage girls. Articles feature actress Brenda Song, singer-songwriter Vienna Teng, and more. http://mochimag.comAnnawww.annawu.com
thanks for the links, barb and anna!