Evelyn Nien-Ming Chien


Evelyn Nien-Ming Ch’ien is currently a Marie Curie Sklodowska Fellow based at Jean-Moulin Université Lyon III in Lyon, France, and a visiting scholar at Stanford University. She has also been a Fulbright Senior Research Scholar. She has taught internationally, most recently as an associate professor at the University of Minnesota. Among her many publications, she has published Weird English.


Smoke, Mirrors and Ghosts: Ed Lin on Writing and His New Thriller 'Incensed'

Ed Lin's 'Incensed'

Ed Lin’s writing about Taiwan has created a new genre of thriller, gratifying readers eager to know more about Taiwanese contemporary life. With his psychedelic descriptions of Taipei night markets, alternative rock scenes gambling spots, as well as occasional country drives though the island, Lin traces panoramic routes for his protagonists and the crimes they follow. His writing is sparse but rhythmic, reflecting his other talent of playing the bass guitar.