Join the Hyphen Staff


Hyphen is an all volunteer run organization that has produced print magazines and online content since 2003. We are always interested in experienced and passionate people to join our amazing teams. Our current staff positions are listed below (click on each listing for more information on how to apply).

Most staff positions require a committment of 1-2 years, regular monthly meeting attendance (can be virutual/not based in the Bay Area), and can range from 10-25+ hours a month.

Editorial Team

Managing Editor

Seeking a talented and detailed oriented person with strong writing and editorial skills for the Managing Editor position. You’ll work directly with the Editor-in-Chief and manage other senior editors to ensure that stories are regularly written and posted online.   

The Managing Editor is responsible for the day-to-day operations and workflow of the digital magazine. You will be involved in managing and outreaching for pitches, foster relationships with existing contacts, managing the publication calendar on an ongoing basis, and working with the editorial staff to maintain a smooth workflow. Detail orientation is a must.

Arts & Culture Editors

We are looking for specific editors to focus on the following Arts & Culture sections:

  • Music
  • Performing Arts (Theater / Dance)
  • Visual Arts

Editors will specifically seek pitches and pieces within their focus. Please specify your focus when you apply.

Editors will work alongside other editors -- both in their vertical as well as other Arts & Culture editors -- to develop their vertical. Must have a passion and vision for their section and a strong desire to spotlight stories in a new, engaging way. Beyond simple interviews and reviews, what are the stories in these fields you wish would be told? Please answer this question when applying.


We are constantly looking for editors who can help support our Senior Section Editors in working with writers and producing content. If there is a specific section you are interested in working for, please contact us.

Available sections include:

  • Arts & Culture (please see separate job listing for specific arts focuses needed — applications to a specific focus is preferred)
  • News & Politics
  • Business & Technology
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Health
  • LGBTQ+

As senior section editor, you will be responsible for creating a vision for your section alongside the Editor-in-Chief and identifying the stories from our communities that most aligns with this vision. You should be someone who is a self-starter and motivated by your passion for telling Asian American stories in sharp, incisive, and urgent ways. 

Senior Section Editors

We are looking for strong, independent editors who will help envision, shape, and manage these sections to reflect Hyphen’s commitment to covering new perspectives and progressive angles, from insightful analysis to fun, snarky content. Individuals should be comfortable with self-starting, managing writers and other editors, and have a clear vision for their section. You should be knowledgeable and familiar with the nuanced and often underrepresented landscape of their section, not just what’s covered by mainstream media. Think: not just restaurant reviews but also small farms and sustainable food practices; not just NPR Colorlines but also Racialicious; not just Hamilton but also Central Works Theater. You should be  motivated by your passion for telling Asian American stories in sharp, incisive, and urgent ways. 

    Available positions include:

    • Arts & Culture
    • Business & Technology
    • Food & Agriculture
    • Health
    • LGBTQ+
    • News & Politics

    (See post for additional information on various positions)

    Business Operations Team

    Events Coordinator

    This person will work with the Development Director to organize events. They can also work with the Edit team to develop tie-in events with topics/people relevant to what's being published.

    Marketing and Advertising Director

    This person will be responsible for extending Hyphen brand reach and awareness, as well as media or events partnership opportunities with other organizations or publications. They will also work directly with social media coordinators to manage requests to advertise through Hyphen media channels.

    Creative Team

    Creative Assistant

    Hyphen is looking for several talented Creative Designers to help us create original elements for the website, including simple banner headers for special sections/articles, marketing promo materials, and other creative elements as needed. Expected workload is up to 5 banners a month, possibly less. Ability to do original artwork is a plus but not necessary.

    Creative Director

    Seeking an artistic and highly organized person with an affinity for Asian American arts and culture. You’ll lead the creative team which includes an Art Director, Photo Director, photo editor and designers, and work closely with the editorial staff to develop and maintain the artistic design of Hyphen's new online iteration. You’ll also be a member of the Hyphen leadership team, a collaborative leadership structure comprised of team leads and longtime staffers.