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Truthfully, Grandpa saw things neither I nor my brother could see.
Rainbirds by Clarissa Goenawan
Don't Believe Everything You Read
Review of The Way to Bea by Kat Yeh
An Interview with Kirstin Chen 
The adults on the tour bus interrogated me about American politics and culture: Could I explain the Black Lives Matter movement? What was my opinion on economic opportunities for Asians in Silicon Valley? Did I think Americans were fake because they were always smiling? Who was this Justin Bieber person?
A Review of The Charm Buyers by Lillian Howan

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Rainbirds by Clarissa Goenawan
"Gold and Oak" and "My Son Loses Teeth Across Time, Space, Race, and War"
Creator Shruti Saran and Star Nikita Redkar Talk About Their New YouTube Series
Don't Believe Everything You Read
A Review of Clarissa Goenawan’s first novel Rainbirds
On Yale Younger Poets Prize Winner Duy Doan’s We Play a Game

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After years of silence, an ongoing oral history project preserves the stories of Cambodian American women who survived the 1970s genocide.
For the 120,000 Asian Americans eligible for the program, model minority pressures run high.
As tensions with North Korea continue to rise, Korean American voices are often left out of the conversation. Hyphen presents twelve responses to the ongoing crisis.
19 organizations unite to combat hate incidents — but they vary on their stance on what role police should play
How the BBC #Notthenanny interview can help us confront and address implicit bias
Jeff Sessions with granddaughter, CSPAN screencap
Family and friends are no substitute for words, deeds, and policy
Peter Yew Police Brutality Protests (In front of New York City Supreme Court)
Mobilizing Early Asian America

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Home plate was where I first learned to bat, and our yard was where I first made friends in America.
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Review of The Way to Bea by Kat Yeh
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Four emerging writers speak about their work, who inspires them, the rituals they follow and what excites them about Asian American literature.
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"When he wakes, palms sweating and heart pounding, the ring is almost painful on his heat-swollen finger."
Deborah Wei - April 4, 2018
An Interview with Kirstin Chen 
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On Her Favorite Disney Films and The Unpredictable Life of the Full-Time Student Actor
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