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Hyphen TV: The Land of Candy Bars and M&Ms

The college study-group-cum-surrogate-family that is the cast of Community continues its second season with (Ex-)Señor Chang (Ken Jeong) as a strange new permanent addition. Though, I can't say I hate the odd dynamic his presence adds to the group, particularly with the development of his possibly being the father of fellow student Shirley's child.


Hyphen TV Special Edition: Richard Lui

Richard Lui can be seen every weekday from 10am to 11am on MSNBC’s Jansing and Company. In 2007, he became the first Chinese American male to anchor a weekday national newscast on CNN’s Headline News. Think he went to journalism school? Think his parents wish he were a doctor? Think his last name is actually Lui? Wrong on all counts!

Hyphen TV: Can't Beat the Backbeats

I am a FOOL for not watching The Sing-Off from the start. Thankfully, I have rectified the situation and caught up on all the a capella goodness I've missed. The Backbeats were an early stand-out for me, particularly the group's adorable creator, Kenton Chen. Joining him is alto Catherine Ricafort, and I can't discuss the group without mentioning the gorgeous voice of Joanna Jones. LOVE THESE GUYS. Their energy and wackiness are nicely counterbalanced by their emotion -- I got chills during last week's performance of "Landslide." Oh man, just check them out.

Hyphen TV: Where IS that Asian Santa?

I have to make an admission right up front, you guys. There are a bunch of reality shows this season with Asian American contestants, and I don't watch them all. I know, I'm filled with shock and horror too. There's only so much time/DVR space in the week! But fear not, I'll still keep you up to speed, and I'll be adding a couple of series recordings to my already bloated record list...

Hyphen TV: Scallops Take 2

Top Chef All-Stars, you guys! Top Chef! All-Stars! As if it weren't enough that the beloved show has returned along with some of its most skilled and/or beloved past contestants, Filipino American, New York City-based Chef de Cuisine (fancy!) Dale Talde of season four is back. The guy's got a known feisty streak (see: clip of him punching a locker in his season), is big on bringing Pinoy food to the mainstream (YES fire up the pork adobo and keep it comin'), and he has plenty to prove (see: Anthony Bourdain calling Dale's butterscotch scallops the worst dish in the show's history during season four).


Hyphen TV: Here Go Hell Come?

Hope you all had a restful and delicious Turkeyday, my fellow TV fans! Unfortunately, national holiday = repeats and recaps, but there was a tiny bit of new television to cling onto this past week. Okay, basically one show. I still need to check out your suggestions as well (my parents' house is TV-free -- I KNOW -- so I haven't have a chance to catch up). Let's dig in!

Hyphen TV: Roundup

Hi, Hyphen blog fans! I'm your new guide/conversation-mate on all things Asian American on television. I thought we might get to know one another by sharing what shows and Asian American characters/contestants we've been watching -- any overlaps on our lists? Anything I'm not watching that I need to check out? Let me know in the comments.